Protect Yourself While Gaming - Tips to Avoid Eye strain and Proper Sitting Tips While Playing Games

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Gaming means long hours at the computer. Self absorbent and an obsessive hobby, incorrect habits and posture are detrimental to health. Problems like musculoskeletal injuries, eye strain, and disabilities of the hands and wrist like, RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury are common. Bad posture causes: pain, stiffness of joints, weakness, bad circulation, as well as swelling.

Ensure that:

. The desk is designed especially for computers.

. While seated, the feet are flat on the floor; arms and thighs are parallel to the ground; back is straight; and the arms don't have to stretch out to reach the keyboard or mouse.

. The keyboard height is such that the elbows are parallel to the ground and level with the keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard is recommended.

. The spine maintains its 'S' curve when seated, so use an ergonomic chair and if required, a footstool.

. The mouse is placed at the same height as the keyboard. Use your whole arm not just the wrist when operating the mouse.

. Typing is done with light fingers. The wrists should be flat and not angled to the left or right. To avoid nerve compression the elbow must not be angled more than 90 degrees.

. The arms are raised off the keyboard as often as possible.

. Tasks are alternated so that you are not typing or clicking the mouse continuously.




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