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Bad posture can easily lead to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and potentially eye strain if it at the same time you are working in poor light conditions.
RSI is a term given to a variety of related conditions which are caused by overworking a muscle repeatedly, to hard, or at an angle which places strain and stress on the muscles.

If you are unsure about your own posture, try looking in a mirror side on. Also why not ask a friend or family member for their honest opinion on your shape and posture. Set yourself reminders to look at your own posture after working on a screen or playing video games for a set time, you will most likely notice your shape is different to your first thought.

Of course you should not overlook your desk or working environment - Are the keyboards, mice and monitor at the correct height? Is your chair comfortable and provides plenty of support and is adjustable? If not then look into changing them, the costs if any will be minimal and allow you to work much better and far more comfortable and easier.

To help your posture you should look at your working area including keyboard, mouse and monitor ensuring these are all comfortable to use and within are at the wrong angle you should look at correcting all of these aspects promptly as these will help your posture and save you any discomfort in the future.


How many of the below do you recognise? Maybe they will urge you into taking notice of yourself and others posture.

The main cause of eye strain is from viewing Computer screens at the incorrect angle or when viewing for long periods when seated your slumped posture, everybody, well-meaning, chips in with the same advice: Sit up! Stand straight!

It soon becomes obvious that this is a struggle. Hence the next juicy bit of advice.

"Do your back and shoulders feel too weak? Then strengthen them! Start a regime of exercises to strengthen your back and shoulder muscles!"

I hope you can now see what bad advice this really is. Your back muscles are already being worked too hard (in the wrong way). That's why they don't feel strong enough.

Muscle is fighting muscle in a relentless tug-of-war. When you make the extra effort to be truly straight, the resulting appearance of good posture is a stiff, tiring and unnatural travesty - far less functional, even, than the slump you are trying to correct.

That's why it ends in pain - often extremely severe pain. To get rid of the pain for good you need to sort this mess out.

Just building more muscle (so that it is used to providing more strain) may relieve the pain in the short-term, but it will also give you the strength to tighten yourself up even more.

The pain of permanently over-worked muscles is often unbearable. I've seen muscle pain officially labelled as nerve pain simply because the doctor could not believe that such intense pain could possibly be muscular. It can be and often is.

For instance, sorting all this out properly normally could get rid of frequent migraine headaches - for good. Often symptoms begin to respond quite quickly - as muscles are no longer forced to work quite so hard.

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