Check your working environment

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Here is a check list to evaluate your computer situation:

1. The top of the VDT screen should be placed slightly below eye level.

2. Your reference material should be placed on a document holder and moved close enough to the screen so that you do not have to swing your head and eyes back and forth from your material to the VDT screen.

3. Try adjusting your lighting to eliminate or decrease glare and harsh reflections. If office lighting or window shades can not be modified, hoods or VDT filters may decrease the problems.

4. A frequent break in eye usage by simply glancing out the window or looking 20 feet away will help. Simply standing up and stretching in place for 5 seconds will reduce fatigue.

5. Research shows that working on a computer reduces normal blinking by half, from 20 times a minute, to 10 times a minute. To keep the eyes from drying out and feeling hot, tired and itchy, try blinking more rapidly every once in awhile or occasionally closing your eyes for a few seconds, alternating with the looking at a distant object.

6. Anyone with diagnosed dry eyes would benefit from using artificial tears occasionally (or frequently) combined with the above recommendations.

7. Get a good check-up from your optometrist or family eye doctor if problems persist, since the proper prescription or computer vision lenses may be needed for the most comfortable vision.


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