Check your working environment

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Unsurprisingly eye strain suffers are typically those who use computer and other screens for long periods. By focusing on the screen for a long duration the eye muscles remain at one tension and to not alter which can cause the muscles to become strained.

It is important not only for your eyes but for yourself to take regular short breaks away from your screen. By taking just a few minutes to make a drink and having a stretch of your arms will allow your eyes, legs, arms and back muscles to move and contract into a different position.

You should also check your working environment as this is the place where you will spend countless hours focusing on the small icons from your screen.

You should ensure the Monitor or screen you are using is placed slightly below your eye level. The reason is so that the eye can view it at a more natural angle, don't believe me? Then try focusing on a close object at eye level and looking up every two seconds, if you had to do this for even a short time your eyes would only thank you with a strain and aching pain.


Make sure your chair is adjustable and offers your back and arms enough support. It is important to have your keyboard and mouse along with other equipment including telephones to be at a comfortable useable height and angle.

If you spend a lot of time on the telephone, you should consider using a headset to free up your hands and stop you from holding the phone with your shoulder and hand whilst you try to type or write something down.

Take regular breaks, this doesn't mean not pulling your weight and working but you should be entitled to a number of short breaks. Even if this involves making a drink or getting something to eat the short break will do a number of your muscles good before they get back into the regular desk sitting position.



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