Eye strain Causes

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There are a small number of causes which can result in people suffering from Eye strain and sometimes accompanied by headaches. These can differ from person to person and can be triggered differently from person to person.

Headache and eye strain triggers include:

The above list contains the common causes and it is important that if you are suffering from one of the triggers that you take time, to see if you can make small changes which will benefit yourself to help the triggers to go away of there own accord.

Computer users are a core user group which is heavily prone to suffer from eye strain.

This is because they typically spend long hours in front of a computer screen and if they are working with one of below enviroment options as well this can make eye strain symptoms worse:

So is it all bad news?

No, the good news is there are several easy steps you can do which will help you. And almost all of these will not cost you anything.

Usually the only step which will cost you a small amount would be the eye test which we would heavily recommend to ensure your eyes are checked thoroughly. Your sight is important so make sure you visit for an eye test regularly, check with your Optician they will either recommend a yearly or two year re-assessment.

However if you feel you made need to go before this time, especially if you are using screens, close-up, or driving more than seek a check-up.
It really is worth the small cost and usually takes less than ten minutes.

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