Is Eye strain Common?

Brown left eye of a girlView of both brown eyes of a girl

The short answer is YES! Eye strain is common but only within certain working environments and user groups. The two groups most at risk from eye strain are office workers and users of other screen or close-up work.

The simple reason for this is they spend countless hours sat in front of a Computer screen. Let's say the average office worker works a 40 hour week, that's 160hrs a month before any overtime or time unpaid stuck in the office trying to get on top of your work load.

160hrs / month * 12 Months = 1920 working hours per year, before holiday or sick absence.

The sad fact is eye strain is becoming more common as not only do people spend more and more hours in front of a screen or display during the working day. They then come home and may watch anything from an hour to four or five hours of television per night, say a film and soap opera the time does quickly add up.

During this time you are once again focusing your eyes on a screen. These concentrations minimise the movement of the eye without this movement the muscles become stained and can cause you to experience pain.

When you are next watching the television why not get up and move during the commercials.

This simple breaking up the sitting moment and additional movement whilst you get something to eat or drink will allow your eyes to refocus and adjust before getting back to the gripping plot of your programme.

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