Eye Strain Symptoms

Female sheilding the sun from her eyesWarped image of a computer keyboardCloseup of a male eye

Eye strain conditions can include the following symptons:

It is important to monitor how often these symptoms occur, when they occur, and the duration.

Do they appear when doing something in particular or after finishing a certain task?

By trying to pin point the duration, how often and the symptom or series of symptoms you can provide a Doctor with a diary of events to help them confirm any self diagnoses or concerns you may have made.

This can also help prove that it has not been a one off by showing how often the problem causes you suffering. We understand how reluctant many people are to seek further advice including medical, and when you do, you often forget to tell them everything. Typically most are afraid that they will dismiss it, and say to come back if it persists.

They may be right however by giving them an indication of the scale of the problem, dates and time for example they can take you more seriously.

To make things a little bit easier we have put together a chart for you to keep with you to make notes about when things happen on a daily basis over the course of a week.

[PDF form]

We hope this will help many people to start monitoring, and possibly see where it happens most so you can check the area for any possible causes. Including lighting, work space, and other possible causes.

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