Eye strain Treatment

Female resting looking out of the windowfemale eye closeupLaying on a chair with a small duck balanced on her nose

If you are currently experiencing eye strain then you need to take time for the muscles around the eye to recover. You need to prevent further damage by gently working the muscles which have become strained and experienced minor damage.

The first thing would be to take a break and try to relax your eyes by allowing them to focus on objects around the room or even outside. Let your eye travel from object to object your eyes will automatically adjust themselves to the subject you are looking at. If the strain does not ease after five to ten minutes then you could try to soothe the eyes and perform eye exercises gently.

Depending on the severity of the strain these may not prove to effective initially, remember this is because you have already strained the eye, when you should have tried to take preventative measures before it happened.

Taking breaks and gently exercising and soothing the eye muscles afterwards may prove for helpful to some and not affect others.

Soothe the eyes
Eye exercises

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