What you can do about Eye strain

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Well the first thing you can do about eye strain is to read the information on our site and follow any relevant links you feel will be useful. The key thing is to first gather as much information that you can, try to understand a bit more about the probable causes and resulting effects to see if they are similar to your experiences.

The next thing to do if you are unsure is to make an appointment with an Optician for an eye test. The Optician will be able to have a good look at your eyes and by answering their questions honestly and mentioning the symptoms you are suffering from, be able to give you a probable cause and suggest what to do about it.

You may find you just need a rest especially away from screens and other equipment, or you may be told you have become slightly short or long sighted. Do not think of this as a major problem, everyone knows several people in today's world who use and benefit from glasses.

You don't want glasses I hear you say. Well that's fine as well just speak to Optician and see if Contact Lenses would be possible.

In most cases Glasses or lenses are only required when using a Computer, reading, or when doing close-up work. Depending on your circumstances the possible outcomes will vary. The bottom however is to ensure you are checked regularly so that if anything has changed it can be monitored or treated.

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